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For Dan & ALL Our Troops

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For Dan & ALL Our Troops Empty For Dan & ALL Our Troops

Post by HypnoDude January 7th 2009, 3:29 pm

Sometime today, my Best Friend since childhood, Dan, will be officially deploying from Ft. Hood Texas, to Iraq for his 3rd year long mission in the war torn land.

He will spend the next 12 months half a world away from his 3 year old son Nick, which I think will be the hardest on him.

I ask for Prayers of Strength and Protection of Body, Mind and Soul, for Dan and ALL of his fellow Soldiers.

Support Our Troops!

For Dan & ALL Our Troops Tina2
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For Dan & ALL Our Troops Empty Re: For Dan & ALL Our Troops

Post by Spirit-Being January 7th 2009, 7:24 pm

Dan this prayer goes out to you your family and all your fellow soldiers.

May the light of God shine upon you
Carry this light within you
To shield you from darkness
May you & your family be Blessed
Through the coming year
The grace of God is always with you.

I shall send Reiki to Dan his Family and His fellow Soldiers

Many Blessings

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For Dan & ALL Our Troops Empty Prayer for our soilders

Post by Wind-Dancer January 7th 2009, 7:35 pm

Prayer for the Soldiers
Oh my God, permit that a ray of light shine in the minds of the great rulers of the nations of the world. Oh my God, permit the peace to benefit all. Oh Jesus of Nazareth, enlighten the minds of those men responsible to make a just and reasonable peace. Let the black clouds which wrap those minds be dissolved. My God, penetrate the light of reason with good understanding of the peace we all desire. My God, let our soldiers return to their homes safe and sound.
Oh Heavenly Father, make your justice for all human beings. Have all the mothers of the universe make a just petition to your immense power. You who can do all, and who are the Supreme Maker of all creation, we desire to be heard in this plea. My God, so we may devote ourselves in the obligation which we were laid by the master Jesus of Nazareth. May we love each other, so the light will shine again in the reasoning of our souls.
Ahead soldiers, ahead God always understands and helps those who do not desire to kill, but by the law of destiny have to go to war. May the Guardian Angels protect them all in all the hours of the day and night, and that soon, My God, we will all be happy in complete harmony.


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For Dan & ALL Our Troops Empty Re: For Dan & ALL Our Troops

Post by parrotlover100 July 5th 2009, 5:23 pm

I just wanted to say today that i say prayers for all the people that i read in the forums that need our prayers in the prayers requests.i may not post to all of them but i want you all to know that i do read them and say prayers for them. :lovesigh:

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For Dan & ALL Our Troops Empty Re: For Dan & ALL Our Troops

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