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who we are

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who we are Empty who we are

Post by Wind-Dancer May 4th 2010, 8:57 am

Igitur Vita
(For this reason Life)
Jonathan Henderson

Since the dawn of time, man has questioned life. Why are we here? Who are we? And ultimately, what created us? These are but a few of the questions this essay has explanations for. I will attempt to answer all of life's ultimate questions as they come to my mind. But take heart; these are but the opinions, of one person. Nothing in this essay can be counted as fact, and nothing here can really be counted as fiction. For none of it, can be proven.

As a child, I was raised into a Christian family. No one is born with any belief of their own. Beliefs, are fed to people as they grow older with time. Ideas are nurtured into peoples moinds. In an ideal world, everyone would be the same, but because of different ethnicities, different cultures, and different religions, none of this is possible. People are born nothing; they are raised something. As I was growing up I was raised Christian. But, like all things in life, you must not let others make your decisions for you, you must take the bull by the horns and make your own decisions. Life is what YOU make it.

You must make your own decisions in life, you control your own destiny, you are your own worst enemy, you are your own best friend. What you are is the result of your efforts, and what no one else has made you to be.

You make choices everyday. Some of them small; some of them large; some, well just not important enough to really care about. But your choices are affected by your environment and how you were raised, unless you have a strong willpower and are able to make your own decisions early in life.

Some philosophers of old condemn humans, some, praise them. Confucius, a philosopher of great renown from ancient China, said: "People are generally born good" Others will say "People are generally born towards mischief." The argument between the two could be as follows: How could a baby be born evil, how could a sweet innocent child be born evil? How can an innocent child, a new born baby be born perfectly good, and not mischievous. As we all know, some babies can be VERY mischievous, some also can be perfect little angels. If that is true, how can they be born good or evil. The view that I believe to be true is that all human beings are born into a state of neutrality, they gain positive emotions, or negative emotions as they mature. Their environment can greatly change their state of mind.

Guidelines for living:
I believe that, for a person to be an independent, self aware, decent human being, they should accept the following guidelines:

Realize that the way you turn out is no one's fault but your own.
You must deal with the repercussions of all your actions.
Your view is not superior to anyone else's view.
Have an open mind.
Treat others, as you would treat those you love.
Condemn no one, for it is not your place.
Have opinions, and be free to express them.
Receive opinions willfully.
Have faith in your beliefs.
Question your faith.
Now to explain these things into detail:

Realizing that the way you turn out is no one's fault but your own. You are responsible for your own actions, no one can be at fault for something you have done, for you ultimately, choose your own path.

You must deal with the repercussions of all your actions. To deny any repercussion of an action you have committed is blasphemous to your self and to your own beliefs. So before taking action, think of the reaction. First figure out if you can handle it.

Your view is not superior to anyone else's view. You view, opinions, religion, and is not better than someone else's, nor is it worse. If someone truly believes something, then it is right for them. It may be not right for you. But respect their right to differ.

Have an open mind. Be conscious of everything around you. Do not resent others, or the ideas of others. Keep an open mind; human nature is always subject to change.

Treat others, only as you would treat those you love. The human spirit is fragile. Anything said or done to it is taken into account and affected in either a negative or a positive way. Be careful of what you do, harm no one.

Condemn no one, for it is not your place. Make no judgments of others. Your place is not to judge, nor is it to be judged. Every human being is entitled to their own life, without judgments.

Have opinions, and be free to express them. If you truly believe in something express it, do not be scared to share it. If you believe it, what is the harm of expressing it to others?

Receive opinions willfully. If you practice the art of having an open mind, then you will consider all opinions that are given to you, and think about what they mean. Do not brush off someone because of their opinion.

Have faith in what you believe in. Always have faith in you beliefs. If you do not, then you are just following a set of guidelines uselessly, and aimlessly.

Question your faith. Without examining your faith, how do you know what you believe in is right? Without questioning, you will receive no answers.

Your destiny:
Human-beings have the ability to do whatever they wish to do. You are in control of your own destiny. What you wish you can do, you can. You have the resources, and the abilities, and the potential to do anything. Life is full of infinite possibilities. No one can impede your progress. If you stay steadfast, concentrated, and stuck to that one goal. it will be achieved. What you wish you can do, you can.


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who we are Empty Re: who we are

Post by mia May 4th 2010, 11:46 am

Good Post Brilliant!

who we are Behappybeloved

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who we are Empty Re: who we are

Post by Spirit-Being May 10th 2010, 1:41 pm

I have come to a realization that there are no Mistakes in Life just Learning Experiences. I judge less now with this new Insight, and many of you here have shown me many wonderful things that have led up to this Insight.

Thank You Guys

Many Blessings

who we are Asymbo10

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who we are Empty Re: who we are

Post by Linda May 10th 2010, 4:00 pm

Thank you Wind-Dancer, I enjoyed reading and feel inspired by your post (-:

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who we are Empty Re: who we are

Post by Vanilla2 May 11th 2010, 5:03 am

Yes we all have the right to express our own opinions but we do not have the right to force them upon others in our attempt to change theirs. A brilliant post Wind-Dancer.

  Peace  Calm and  Tranquility

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who we are Empty Re: who we are

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