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The Stages of Man

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The Stages of Man Empty The Stages of Man

Post by Elrick on June 1st 2010, 3:39 pm

The Stages of Man Sunrise_by_the_ocean-1

The Stages of Man

The stages of man are immensely progressive
For all are born helpless and nude
But the first stage of all of mankind's epochal journey
Was spent fighting and foraging for food

Then after the problems of food had been solved
And a semblance of security found
The luxury age seemed to take center stage
And then would intolerance and tyranny abound

Then when the herder could spare any time
In his quest to acquire still more
Much of his thoughts were in self preservation
And the techniques and the tactics of war

When man is secure and the leisurely life
Provides for some time to be taught
Hunger for wisdom and knowledge make way
For the pursuit of intelligent thought

When man gains such wisdom and profits from thought
And in his wisdom discovers some tools
Soon he seeks reason and ethics and morals
And to want for that old golden rule

Then when man has evolved in the physical sense
And develops his insightful eyes
Something within the emotions takes place
And what he thought was his old self dies

Then if man will aspire to formulate meaning
And to reflect on the spiritual gains
Soon he will learn that to love one another
Is a measure of spiritual change

Then are the days of light in life
The ascent to the cosmic domains
Man overcame superstition and fear
And ascension is all that remains

* * * *

There is no direct experience of reality without interpretation; and all interpretation is distorted by the cultural and personal prejudices or prejudgements of the interpreter.

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The Stages of Man Empty Re: The Stages of Man

Post by d-knots on June 5th 2010, 10:54 pm

love the image....
quite an inspiration...
sounds like the theme
of Evolving...
Sunny Sailing

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The Stages of Man Empty Re: The Stages of Man

Post by Spirit-Being on June 8th 2010, 9:41 am

Wonderful Poem Elrick

Truly Inspiring, really Amazing Picture, as d-knots said it does seem to speak of the Evolution of Humanity, but what really caught my attention was the last two lines

Elrick wrote:Man overcame superstition and fear
And ascension is all that remains

Reminds me of a post that i believe WhiteShaman wrote, a while back Unquoted about unlearning things that we thought was the Truth.

Freeing ourselves from the Limitations that have been present for so long.

The Ascension Meditate

Many Blessings

The Stages of Man Asymbo10

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The Stages of Man Empty Re: The Stages of Man

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