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Are You Present In Time.

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Are You Present In Time. Empty Are You Present In Time.

Post by Vanilla2 on June 19th 2010, 9:28 am

Are You Present In Time by Deepak Chopra.

Before a thought arises in your mind, you are in a timeless state. After a thought has served its purpose, whether it brings up a desire or the memory of a past event, you return to that state of timelessness. There, you don’t need a reason to be happy. You just are.

Happiness based on reasons is actually another form of misery. Whatever the reason for your happiness – a good relationship, a pleasurable situation, or material possessions – it can be taken away from you at any moment.

Therefore, your happiness is fragile and dependent on externals. Happiness without reasons is real happiness. It is frequently referred to as bliss. This is a happiness that can never be taken away.

You don’t need to seek bliss, nor do you need to feel nostalgic once you’ve experienced it. Bliss is available in the now. So what is the now? We call it present-moment awareness, which is a good phrase, because it reminds us that bliss cannot be found by remembering the past or anticipating the future.

The present has no time span. The instant you try to measure the present moment, it disappears. So the now is ever renewing. It is timeless because time cannot stop it. The now can never grow old or die.

Time is a mysterious phenomenon, but we know that it is subjective, and we use it to measure experience. Consider the following sentences: I was having a good time and the hours flew by; I was bored and time dragged; I was o a tight deadline and time was running out; The beauty of the mountains was so breathtaking that time stood still.

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Are You Present In Time. Empty Re: Are You Present In Time.

Post by Linda on June 19th 2010, 12:40 pm

Nice Post Vanilla2, good teachings! Cruising Enjoy your day (-:

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