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I'm very Sorry

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I'm very Sorry Empty I'm very Sorry

Post by Spirit-Being September 26th 2010, 11:29 am

I have been away for a while, and i didn't Intend to gone so Long. I missed everyone here & thought about you all Quite often. I was Fearful of coming back, that i had let you all Down as a Member here of Spirits Journey Forums. My Sincerest Apologies, i Hope you can Forgive me. Being here with you all and reading all your posts has helped me so much over the years, that i've been part of Spirits Journey, it was my Medicine. It helped to keep me on the Right Path, and Brought New Positive Energy Into My Life. Anytime i have Strayed from that Spiritual Path, I began Disliking myself, the Decisions i made, and My actions because of it, & brought alot of Negative Energy along with it.

I hope that, i can learn from you guys, and get back my Life, that i have Lost for so Long. Just wanted to say that I Love You Guys & Wanted to Thank You for all your Support over the Years Hugs

Many Blessings

I'm very Sorry Asymbo10

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I'm very Sorry Empty Re: I'm very Sorry

Post by Vanilla2 September 26th 2010, 1:52 pm

Welcome back Spirit-Being, this place is just not the same without you.

Think we all knew you would soon be back, as we are a family, and we all have experienced some form of problem one way or another, but no matter what, we are here for one another, for the good and the troubled times of our life Group Hug

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