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We are no longer children...

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We are no longer children... Empty We are no longer children...

Post by TaoB on September 26th 2010, 12:25 pm

A child struggles to understand the concepts of the world it comes from. It is too young to fully comprehend where it came from and why. Instead of revealing to the child its true origin it is bombarded with various stories, differing each time. The scenario...

The child one day looks up at its father and asks the question, “Where do I come from?” The father, unsure as to explain such a large concept to the child simply tells him a story involving a stork, he talks of love and then sends the child away. The child is content for awhile and believes what its parent has told it, until it meets with other children. These children have also asked the same question and received a similar but different enough answer. Each answer has its own spin to the story which as it is shared around simply confuses the children.

Why is every story different...?

They refuse to believe their story is wrong and so they argue and fight, judging others based on what version they believe. Their teacher, stands between them trying to stop it but despite best efforts is ignored.

Time passes and the children turn into teenagers.

As teenagers they possess much more experience, understanding and knowledge. They learn the truth behind the question they originally asked, learning the physical process and beginning to understand the reasons why, at least as much as they can for a person of their age and experience. The teenager becomes obsessed with this new understanding. It occupy’s every breath in their body and moves them to make decisions. They look down on the teenagers who still believe the old stories and tales. The teenagers become arrogant because they now know a little more than they once did. As much of a great moment it is for them, they still lack enough understanding to fully comprehend the consequence, the act, the emotion involved... the absolute why.

When they become young adults they will learn a little more, and then as middle aged people they will comprehend a great deal... and when they are grey and old... then, at that last moment they will truly understand why.

We are no longer children, but we are arrogant teenagers.

To become young adults and look into the next phase of our evolution we as a race must understand that the stories had their place, that the understanding has great meaning... but we must move forward and not obsess over such revelations, we must look at the next step of the transcendental ladder.
It is time for us to stop being caught in this constant battle between science and religion, which is right and which is wrong, Creationalism vs. Darwinism... it is all part of the process of understanding.

We do not have the complete answer to our question we simply have ways to understand it better.
If we want that answer than we must stop this obsession and carry on exploring, learning, developing and bettering ourselves. Then, then we can become the adults and continue our journey.

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We are no longer children... Empty Re: We are no longer children...

Post by Spirit-Being on April 8th 2012, 11:01 am

Really wonderful post, i feel we are moving in a more conscious direction as people, it's going to take time. First the system we live in may have to crash, before we can truly begin to wake up. Some are awakening, and those that are, are teaching their children to be more open minded. I see everything eventually working out Beautifully, but getting their will be many hardships along the way.

~Love, Light, Blessings~

We are no longer children... Asymbo10

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