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Happiness.......Sadness Empty Happiness.......Sadness

Post by Sparrowhawk September 30th 2010, 10:31 am

A few thoughts on something I once felt too......

Happiness eluded me, I was deeply sad.
I tried and tried and tried but could not shake the sadness.
I sought every solution and none worked!!!

I looked high and I looked low.........very low!
and very high....hehehe.
It always failed.

I tried to drown it.....
It worked for a moment and then it got even worse.

I tried to run away from it.........
It came with me!

I tried to deny it.
It didn't care.

One day I gave up on looking for happiness.
Instead I decided to seek within.
"Seek and You Shall Find" goes a very old promise.

The Only Promise which always remains True.
I looked and looked, I had great hope.
I sought and sought, it must be True.

I tried and I tried......
3 Years went by........
A heavy trial came my way.

I had failed to find.
The deep memories which held the bitter pain came to the surface..
I cried and cried, the wound was fresh.

Then I called out to My Maker,
"How dare you break YOUR promise!!"

I gave up, I let go, I forgave everything including me.

Then.......I was filled with Happiness and everything changed forever.

Happiness is not "outside" of your Consciousness, it is inside.
It finds you when you have exhausted every attempt to find it and still Trust in God.

There are easier ways to this and that is what I try to convey.

Spending 10-15 minutes every morning in silence ......
No thinking , no moving , just Being.
Then breaking the constant thought pattern by "stop thinking and pause" for a minute at the start of each hour and half hour.

That's all!!
It begins a process of "unlearning" poor habits and creates a tiny bit of Space for new habits to enter.
It is a gift you give yourself twice an hour!

If you try that for a few months you will notice a great change.
It will be hard to remember at first. You will fail more then you will succeed.
That is to be expected. It is not important. What is important is that you start again as soon as you remember and that you keep doing that. Give this to yourself so you can grow from it and pass it to those around you through your own living example.

I would not say it if it were not True.

Do it for YOU......
Do not do it for me or any other, for that will only result in failure before you start.

If you are not ready to do it, that is fine too.
Print this and do it when you are ready to do it for YOU.


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