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would love to hear your thoughts

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would love to hear your thoughts Empty would love to hear your thoughts

Post by Wind-Dancer October 7th 2010, 10:22 am

my neice passed away recently. Since her passing my daughter and i have had some signs from her and are not exactly sure how to read them .For me im seeing my neices face in my minds eye constantly in my waking hours. She is smiling . I think she is letting me know that shes ok, and i can let go now. What do you think?

My daughter had a strange thing happen to her a few hours after learning of the death. She was sitting on the steps that go into her garage and a cricket appeared in front of her. That in itself may not be strange, but this was a very unusual cricket. It was almost translucent white and glowing , like a soft white light. It crawled toward her and crawled up on her shoe. She moved her foot but the cricket was unafraid, it remained where it was.She just sat still. The cricket crawled up her leg and into her hand that she had on her knee.It appeared to be looking at her. The cricket remained there for a while. My daughter decided to put it on the floor under the work bench in the garage. She placed it there and went back and sat down. The cricket cane out from under the bench, and repeated the same process again. It stayed until my daughter put it under the work bench again and went into the house. To my knowledge she hasnt seen it since. I know this is an Omen or sign, but what was its message? Would appreciate any imput on this.


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would love to hear your thoughts Empty Re: would love to hear your thoughts

Post by Spirit-Being October 7th 2010, 3:42 pm

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your Niece. May the Angels watch over Her Heaven

This Cricket, your daughter was observing, feels to me that it was Guided, by Spirit, what the message is i do not know. But a very important sign, i Hope Your Daughter & Yourself, understand it's meaning.

Many Blessings

would love to hear your thoughts Asymbo10

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