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Yoga Meditation questions and answers.....

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Yoga Meditation questions and answers..... Empty Yoga Meditation questions and answers.....

Post by Sparrowhawk on November 5th 2010, 1:22 pm

Raja Yoga Meditation by Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University
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Posted on Jan 28, 2008 3:38 AM
Rajyoga Meditation

Why Meditation?

In a world that is changing faster everyday, there is a greater need than ever to restore the the balance of being and doing, of stillness and activity in order to recharge and refresh our spirits. Just as the body needs good food, so too the soul needs the nourishment of good thoughts and quietness.

What is RajaYoga Meditation?

Raja Yoga meditation is the practical method of Self-Realisation and God-Realisation taught by the Supreme Soul.

What is Self-Realisation?

Self-realisation is having accurate knowledge of the self and experiencing it. It is all about understanding myself - my true identity, my true nature and form and knowing the goal of life.

What is God-Realisation?

God-Realisation is the correct understanding of the Supreme Soul or GOD as revealed by Himself - His incorporeal form, His oneness, His divine actions, His divine creation and His divine descent in this world.

What does Raja Yoga actually mean?

The word Yoga means connection or link. The mental connection or loving remembrance between a soul and the Supreme Soul is called Yoga. It is called Raja Yoga because it enables a person to become a master of self.

Does this meditation involve physical exercises?

No. One can select posture of his/her choice.

Who can practice this?

Everyone in this world can. No matter what the background is - the gender, age, nationality, culture, religion, language, social status, wealth, profession, and the present state of being - none of these matters. You just need to make the choice to listen to your inner voice.

What time should I practice meditation and for how long?

Actually, Raja Yoga meditation is a way of life. It can be practiced even while doing daily activities. There is no restriction of time and place.

How difficult is Raja Yoga to learn and practice?

Raja Yoga is simple and easy to learn and practice. Like any skill, this meditation also requires practice to achieve positive and satisfying results. However, by doing a little every day, it soon becomes a natural and easy habit, which generously rewards for the little effort it involves.

What are the benefits of RajaYoga Meditation?

Through meditation, a soul gets immense joy of an extraordinary kind and the glow of inner peace.

Other benefits include

* Meditation energizes our awareness * Gives self-confidence and fosters self-belief. *Enhanced sense of well-being *Finding a sense of purpose *Understanding the self *Realising your potential *Ability to face challenges *Release from tension *Freedom from anxiety and fear *Tranquility of mind restored * Greater control over thoughts *Ability to express positive feelings *Improved concentration *Ability to cope effectively with rapid change.

How will this meditation help in having good inter-personal relationships?

With the realization that all are souls and children of one Father-Mother, God, there will be a natural feeling of love and brotherhood. Hence it expands our capacity to love and heals broken hearts. It develops the power to be more alert and effective in our interactions with each other.

What is the relevance of Raja Yoga meditation in this modern world?

By remembering the Supreme Father, souls receive enormous mental strength, stability and ability to face the inevitable undercurrents of modern life in a calm and peaceful manner.

Is meditation means yogasana or physical exercise?

No. The meditation aims primarily to make the mind healthy and strong. But there are many health benefits as well. A healthy mind leads to healthy body.

What are the physical benefits of meditation?

*Increases the resistance power of the body *Better sleep *Increased vitality * Cures psychosomatic illness
Who Am I?

Why should I know myself?

The root cause of all sufferings and troubles in this world is the incorrect or no understanding of the self. This has lead to faulty thinking, actions and behaviour leading to peacelessness and restlessness everywhere.

Who am I? Where do I reside?

In the body made of inert matter, dwells a conscient and immortal entity, the eternal spark of life called soul.
"I am a soul, a self-luminous point, like a microstar. I am not the body and I reside in the center of the forehead".

What are my capabilities or powers?

The soul has three intrinsic capabilities Mind - ability to think or wish or will; Intellect - ability to judge, understand or investigate and Sanskaras or Resolves - ability to retain impressions of past thoughts and actions in the form of attitudes moods or habits.

Why are individuals different from each other?

It is the abilities of mind, intellect and sanskaras, which distinguish one man from another and determine the mental and moral state of a person.

What is the relation between soul and body?

A soul is a driver and its body is like a car. The body and the brain are like a computer whereas it is the soul that programs it and uses it. The body is not for it's own sake but for it's conscient user - the soul.

What is my true nature?

My true or original nature is peace and purity. I am originally a knowledgeful, loving, pure, happy, blissful and divine soul.

Understanding God

What is the identity of Supreme Soul?

God is a self-luminous point of subtle divine light. He has no human form or body. He is incorporeal.

His divine name is Shiva, meaning world benefactor. He is so named because of His divine attribute. Human names are only a means of identification; they do not indicate His attributes or actions.

God is called by different names in different religions.

What are the attributes of God?

He is the Holiest of the Holy and the Highest of the High. He is above the birth and death cycle and is the ocean of all virtues and powers.
He is the only source of constant joy, unbounded bliss and everlasting happiness. He gives to mankind spiritual rejuvenation and divine inheritance.

Is there any common belief about God?

We can see that God is referred as point of light all over the world - "Sang-E-Aswad" in the holy Kaaba at Mecca, "Osiris" of Egypt, "Shium" of Babylon, Divine Light in Christianity, Omkar in Sikkhism, chin-kan-seiki in Japan by Buddhists and so on. His Oval shaped stone or a flame of light is used as a symbol of His form in various religions.

Where does God reside?

God resides in the world far beyond this corporeal world of the sun, the moon, stars and so on. It is the incorporeal world or Paramdham. He is not omnipresent. Neither He is a human being nor does He live everywhere.

What are the divine actions of God?

God's three main acts are the establishment of the new world, it's Sustenance and the destruction or transformation of the old world.

He imparts Godly Knowledge, teaches easy Raja Yoga and shows righteous path. He transforms human beings and elevates them spiritually. This brings about the new Golden-Aged world again.

When will the Supreme Soul descend in this world?

He descends in this world when there is utter irreligiousness and the world is unrighteous. In fact, according to His promise, God has descended again in the body of ordinary human being, Brahma, to give us the birth right of Peace, Purity and Happiness.

Can I interact or converse with God?

Yes. The very essence of meditation is to have a mental communion with Him. In return, we get unbounded bliss, peace love and inner strength and courage from Him.
Meditation - Do it now!

Sounds strange? But it is possible. Spare few minutes now. Try bringing the feelings as you read. Ignoring the sound around, let us dive deep into the world of silence for few moments.

For some time try forgetting what you have known or thought of yourself so far... not letting anyone or anything creep into your mind......slowly withdraw your mind from your surroundings ....... It doesn't matter if it is not possible or difficult at this time - just proceed. Over a period of time you will definitely find this easy and refreshing. Gradually, change your awareness and thinking.... while you read the following lines, feel the thoughts.

"I am a conscient energy....a subtle, radiant point in the center of the forehead... the place where thoughts come from, this is the position of I, the soul...I am different from this body. I look, listen, act and feel through the organs of this body....I am a soul..."

Now, think of God, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Almighty, who is also a subtle radiant point of light, but with unlimited light and might. Gently bring loving thoughts in you...

"O God, You are my Father, Mother, Teacher, Preceptor... You are my Supreme Protector, You are my true Friend, Companion, Guide......You are the Ocean of Love and Peace, the Ocean of Purity and Bliss, You are the Ocean of Kindness and Mercy....You are so near to me......in Your protective sight, I am always totally secure.... In Your everlasting company I experience unlimited joy....In Your loving remembrances, I forget all sorrow and restlessness. In Your grace, I am peaceful ... I am blissful ... a loving soul....a pure soul....a divine being"

"I realize.. that like me, everyone is a unique soul..... And all the souls in this world are your children...this whole world is my divine family....Let me spread the fragrance and sweetness of unity and brotherhood... respect in us, make our minds strong, enable us to face tough situations and give value to our lives. In fact, thought is the source of joy and inner peace. By making positive thoughts, we enjoy in peace, creating waves that bring cheers to many around us.

So, let us contemplate time and again for the benefit of self and world peace. Practice this process as many times as possible. At least twice a day through this practice, spread peaceful and loving vibrations to the self, and the souls who are going through untold sufferings all over the world. Select any place, posture and time of your choice, but when you do, please involve yourself completely.

May our home, this Earth, transform into paradise again.

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Yoga Meditation questions and answers..... Empty Re: Yoga Meditation questions and answers.....

Post by sunmystic on December 7th 2010, 1:16 pm

Raja Yoga also requires that one raises the "male kundalini", and that exercise should always be done under the close guidance of an advanced master. Smile



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Yoga Meditation questions and answers..... Empty Re: Yoga Meditation questions and answers.....

Post by sunmystic on December 7th 2010, 6:21 pm

It should also be understood that Hatha Yoga is a gift from Lord Shiva and his wife to yogis. "If you do not use it, you loose it." You can not study Raja Yoga without a body. Hatha Yoga was designed as a gift to yogis so that a yogi could study Raja Yoga and maintain a body until their mind could maintain their body without exercise.



Number of posts : 944
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Yoga Meditation questions and answers..... Empty Re: Yoga Meditation questions and answers.....

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