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What it is to be a Human

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What it is to be a Human Empty What it is to be a Human

Post by TheAnonymousInventor on December 8th 2010, 10:04 am


If anyone wishes to contact me please do so via deviantart as I will not check this forum for messages.

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What it is to be a Human Empty Re: What it is to be a Human

Post by d-knots on January 7th 2011, 11:36 am


what is said at the end is the best of the essay.....

but the dark can over take and destroy..

if you can tell me anything about not letting the dark

destroy the Light that would be good....

The Light is too Precious to be given up like that to the Dark...

I, personllay, do not believe in coexistance with Dark; the only
way I do see it is by remembering my Life and the constant
upheavles that nearly kill you where there are times of
peace and prosperity but it's not a world I would recommend
unless you are going through some kind of challenge for points
where you win the Jackpot at the end.

Overall, it really sweet about the Dots...and Creatiom
It's a gentle concept.

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