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Leaving my Body

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Leaving my Body Empty Leaving my Body

Post by Spirit-Being September 6th 2011, 1:03 am

Posted: Nov 27 2007, 09:41 PM by ~Purespirit --> Spirit-Being~ on our old site

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Purespirit wrote:Hello Everyone

I have had a few Out of Body experiences.

My first experience was very strange i was laying on the couch in my living room, when all of a sudden i was standing in the living room its funny because i knew i had went to sleep, so this didnt really make any sense to me at the time.

It was very hazy, it felt very hard to control my movements as i was drawn to the hallway, there were childrens toys scattered all over the hallway, and when i went to bed the hallway was clear, so i was contemplating this in my head it didnt make any sense. i preceeded down the hallway all of a sudden i saw a woman in white, it was hard to focus but it looked like she was wearing a long gown.

As i walked toward her she disappeared. My girl friends bedroom was at the end of the hall where the white lady was standing. I went into my girl friends room and started shaking her trying to wake her up as she awoke, i found myself waking up on the couch, i was baffled so i ran into my girlfriends room and woke her up for real and told her what had happened.

This was an unbelieveable experience and it is just as clear today as was the night this happened.

If anyone has had anything similar happen please tell us your experiences.

~Many Blessings~

Leaving my Body Asymbo10

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Leaving my Body Empty Re: Leaving my Body

Post by Vanilla2 September 6th 2011, 2:54 pm

Not exactly out of body experiences, but many years ago and quite regularly I had dreams of ( dream number one) swimming through the air, I never knew where I was going, only that I was way above ground and litterally swimming along through the air, not water, and if I remember right was always using breast stroke. ( Dream number two) I'm up in the air, but I panic as not too get too far, just above peoples heads, maybe a few feet or yards. I also panic that I do not touch them with my feet, then somehow force myself by flapping my feet together to get a little higher. I am holding balloons, maybe just one. They are or that is what keeps me in the air. In my dreams I never knew the reason why I was in the air. I dont have these dreams anymore, but cant exactly recollect the time that they stopped, nor to this day there meanings.

Another very strange dream I once had was, I was wide awake, or so I believe, my eyes open and looking up at the ceiling, laying on my bed. I found myself listening in to all the intelectual jargon from the cockpit of a very large passenger plane, getting ready for takeoff. I even saw the pilot/ pilots sitting at the window. Now up to this point I had never flown, nor had any plans on flying, I was young, 20s and definately did not have money for any sort of holidays, let alone flying off somewhere exotic. Then I guess 10 to 15 years later, for my very first holiday abroad, (my father had sold his house and gave me the money, soon after he came ill with cancer and passed away 3 years later) both me and my daughter flew to the Carribean, and yes it was on the largest Jumbo 747 that you could travel on at that time..

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Leaving my Body Empty Re: Leaving my Body

Post by mia March 28th 2012, 4:59 pm

I have had one OBE.
It was a long time ago almost 34 years.

I was pregnant with my first child and asleep in bed.
I remember wanting to go to the toilet, so was probably a little awake, sort of dopey.
I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, then went back to my bedroom, but, on entering the room, I saw myself in bed, from above the doorway!

I didnt know what to do, but was very calm.
I moved over to the bed, thinking it odd that I was looking at myself and interested that I looked like I did when I was asleep.

Then I sort of rolled into my body.

I laid there a few minutes, thinking over what had happened, cos I was awake now, though still dazed.

Then I remembered I had wanted to wee and had gone to the bathroom in that OBE state .... I was hoping I hadnt actually wet the bed!!!

I hadnt ..... so got up and went Smile

Leaving my Body Behappybeloved

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Leaving my Body Empty Re: Leaving my Body

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