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Become your desire ;)

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Become your desire ;) Empty Become your desire ;)

Post by jessicasilverman on January 20th 2012, 10:28 pm

I am feeling I am on top of the world!! Life is a blessing and I am experiencing it in every moment now. I have been manifesting my desires in lightning speed, sometimes it’s unbelievable! Few days back I read a post by Trevor, one of our forum members, that Universe doesn’t respond to what we think, it rather responds to what we are. It intrigued me to understand it further. After some reading and experimenting, this is what I found to be true in my case (I can only talk for myself, but it would be great if others too can benefit from this  ):

In this Universe, everything is a manifestation from the same source of energy. Everything is same energy vibrating at different frequencies and hence, they appear to be different. But in essence, everything is connected. So your desire and you are also made of same energy, but just vibrating at different frequencies. So the fastest way to get your desire to you is to vibrate at the same frequency as your desire. In other words, BECOME YOUR DESIRE! You just have to get to a place where you do not see you and your desire as separate things, but as one. When you do that, you and your desire vibrate at the same frequency and the manifestation will be quicker and better than you can imagine. What helped me to achieve this state are affirmations. I started affirming that I am my desire, like for instance ‘I am money’. After I did it for a while, money started coming to me from unexpected avenues! I also started affirming general things like ‘I am love’ ‘I am joy’ ‘I am opportunities’ ‘I am possibilities’ ‘I am dance’ etc. As I kept repeating these statements, I could feel strong positive energy pass throughout my body. I felt thrilled, overjoyed. Within a short time, I was not asking for my desires anymore. I had become my desire itself!

And the result has been amazing: After a couple of days of these lovely affirmations, I was walking back home from a beauty parlour. On the way I unexpectedly bumped into my old dance instructor and we chatted for a while. We had lost touch for more than a year. After that I came back home and was happily chilling when I got a text from him asking if I can handle kids batch in his dance school! I was more than happy to do that. He offered a very good pay as well. He also told me that I can shift my belly dance classes to his studio as well and I need not pay any rent. I was actually looking for a studio to shift my classes but I never had mentioned it to him. He offered it by himself! And finally he asked me to perform for his show on Nov 7th. I am performing four items for the show  (I am dance, I am opportunities!!)

When I went for rehearsals for the show I met a girl who used to be my batchmate in the dance school I learned from, around 13 years back (when I was 8!!)! We bonded very well and it was great to see her after such a long gap. We both were utterly surprised. (I am joy, I am love, I am happiness!)

I have started a Handwriting Analysis consultancy and coaching centre. I had advertised quite a bit but had got no response. I totally forgot that I was actually looking for clients and students after I started the affirmations. After a day of affirmations I was woken up by a call in the morning. That call was from a person who wanted to enroll her son to handwriting coaching classes! She said she was just passing in front of my house when she happened to see the board I had put up. And she had immediately called me up! I ran to office and enrolled her child. The start of the day couldn’t have been better! (I am possibilities )
Another lovely manifestation followed. I was looking for Nokia E7 Orange for quite some time now. I had searched all over my city and even asked my friends to check in many other cities, including foreign ones. But I was told that it’s out of stock and it was part of a limited edition. But I still kept my hope. Around a week into my affirmations, I was hanging out in a mall with my friends. There was a mobile phones outlet and I felt a great instinct to check in that shop. So I went there and asked for a Nokia E7 Orange. The shopkeeper checked the catalogue, and to my surprise, there was an entry of Nokia E7 Orange!! More surprising part is, this piece had actually come in by mistake and it was just one piece of its kind! He said the model was available but it was still unpacked as it had arrived just then. So he took my contact number and said he’ll call me once they check it for defects and put it up for sale (I am possibilities, I am a miracle!)

So far, my experience has been amazing. The best in terms of my experiences with conscious application of LOA. The fastest way to get your desire to you is to become the desire itself This has worked wonders for me. I sincerely hope it helps you all too. Lots of love

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Become your desire ;) Empty Re: Become your desire ;)

Post by d-knots on January 22nd 2012, 11:15 am

Sounds awesome somewhere I would like to get back to being.
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