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Akle Empty Akle

Post by Spirit-Being on February 12th 2012, 4:27 pm

A short story i wrote as i see so many people drinking alcohol these days, i felt i was divinely inspired and the credit goes to the Divine (God, Angels...) for helping me to write this Beautiful Story.

Akle was in his teens, he was an inquisitive boy, with many questions. He asked many of
his elders questions that he did not understand like why do people drink? why do women
wear makeup? akle never understood why these questions were never presented to him.
So he asked his grandpa why people choose to drink. His grandpa said wow i never really
thought about that, why not ask someone who drinks. The boy was still without an answer,
but understood that grandpa told him the truth.

That day akle took his bike and went for a ride
around the block, he met a woman laying on the sidewalk up against a brick building, and
wanted to make sure she was okay. He rode up to her and got off his bike and tugged at her
jacket, he asked “are you okay?” She mumbled. He tugged her jacket once again a little more
firm this time, and said lady are you okay? She opened her eyes and looked up at akle, she
said yes im fine.

akle knew she was not okay and said why do you tell me your fine, when i can
sense your not? She replied how can you sense this? akle replied doesn’t everyone? She said
you are the first person to come up to me and ask if i was okay. Well whats wrong akle replied?
She said well i just lost my job and now i don’t know what im going to do? akle replied of course
you do, just make the right decision. She replied but you don’t understand, my life is ruined.
akle replied no mam its not, your a Beautiful Soul, i know you can see that. She replied how
can i see that through all the alcohol? akle replied and said so drinking alcohol covers up who
you are? The woman replied and said no my dear it kills the pain. akle replied ah so drinking
disguises the truth? She looked up at him with a strange look on her face, and said uh well i

akle looked at her held his hand out and offered to help her off the ground, she stood
up and hugged him, akle was pleased and said mam i love you and you have shown me the
answer to my question. She replied aww i love you too you have shown me that i am Beautiful
Inside. Akle smiled got on his bike and rode away. That night before sleep he thought about the
love he felt from that woman, and knew tomorrow was going to be a Beautiful day, maybe my
next question will be answered he thought, but for now i shall dream many dreams.

Rose Cerise

Many Blessings

Akle Asymbo10

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Akle Empty Re: Akle

Post by Vanilla2 on February 13th 2012, 5:58 am

That is very good Spirit-being, and to think you can pick out another of lifes questions to be answered to cover several ( each ) chapters of your book.
Kind of reminds me of " Uncle Arthur's® BEDTIME STORIES "
Arthur S. Maxwell
published in the 20s, that I used to read as a young child back in the 50s..
They too were short stories whereby we learnt a good lesson, such as honesty pays off etc.

Just looked up by who and where these books were published and just found out it was from where I used to live, Watford. I wonder if he was related to the late Robert Maxwell, as he too was a publisher and had a newspaper office in Watford. He was the one who mysteriously went overboard from his luxury yacht, amidst a scandal.

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