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Post by laura ann April 2nd 2012, 8:17 pm


Often when i sit outside I find it is a great time to pray.. Then I get to listening to sounds or staring at the sky or lsitenign to the wind etc and forget my prayers . I found that by making me a set of prayer beads similar to a Catholic rosary i could remember my prayers.
You can make a set using anything you like.. A ribbon or wire to make your circle . I used a piece of wire then added each thing then joined the ends so nothing could fall off.

I chose beads for my family etc, I chose a round piece of wood for my runes, and a cross for my angel family etc,

a leaf for anture and so on... each bead and object stand s for a thing or person. So as I sit I finger each one as I go around and say thae prayer I wish for whatever I believe each thing or person needs.

No correct or wrong way to do one.. just the way that works for you ...

start all things with Love and end them with Love
laura ann
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