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Night Flowers

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Night Flowers Empty Night Flowers

Post by mia April 3rd 2012, 4:30 pm

I just read an article about flowers that bloom at night.
I never knew some did that!

Moonflower ... she has a lemony scent and is a climber, which can grow to 8ft tall.
The flowers are 5 - 6inches in diameter.

Evening Primrose .... she covers the ground and has a sweet smell.

Night Phlox .... smells of honey or vanilla.

Evening Stock .... Have tiny purple and pink flowers that smell lovely in the evening.

Angel's Trumpet ..... Is a climber with trumpet shaped white flowers.

Night Gladiolus ..... Isn't a night plant, but it's spicy scent is strongest after dark.

These would be lovely to have on my patio for when I sit outside of an evening or when my friends join me for a firepit evening Smile

Night Flowers Behappybeloved

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Night Flowers Empty Re: Night Flowers

Post by laura ann April 3rd 2012, 4:55 pm

I never knew that either.. I knew a lot of the daytime flowers were bloomed in the morning then seemed to close up as th day progressed... hmmm makes sense now..

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laura ann
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