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You are a quick healer

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You are a quick healer Empty You are a quick healer

Post by Spirit-Being on April 11th 2012, 12:45 pm

I had this dream a few days ago and wanted to share it with you.


I can only remember one part of the dream, i was standing next to a table as i remember seeing this woman to the right of me. She had strawberry brown hair, i cannot recall what color her clothes were. Maybe a white but her hair and her face is what stood out to me. She looked over at me and said "you are a fast healer" I looked at her and smiled, and nodded my head, i felt this strong attraction to her. As if i had known her during my souls existence. When i smiled at her, i felt warm inside like a little child loving his angels with unconditional love. Her Love was nothing i have felt here on earth. I also felt as if she may have been someone from a past life. Just so many feelings during this dream.

Dream Ends

Sketched a picture of my dream to help with the visualization

You are a quick healer You_ar10

Feel free to Interpret in anyway you feel Very Happy

~Love, Light, Blessings~

You are a quick healer Asymbo10

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You are a quick healer Empty Re: You are a quick healer

Post by Taurus20 on March 26th 2013, 7:35 pm

It could have been a guide or your guardian angel. The fact that you felt so much love tells me it also might be a mother or child from your past life.

Did you actually see yourself or did you just know you were there? I don't actually remember seeing myself in a dream. I know I'm in it but I couldn't tell you what I was wearing or anything. Just wondering if that is of some significance when we dream. Hugs

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