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Post by Spirit-Being on April 13th 2012, 2:35 pm

Relaxation Technique

In this lesson we will learn the importance of making the body relax, the benefits that will produce this practice and its importance for the practice of astral projection and meditation techniques, that will be seen in the next lessons of the course.

Papers in the psychology field revealed that a person that practices regularly some relax technique has a very great possibility to avoid stress provoked diseases, to better deal with anxiety, and have a better interpersonal relationship, etc.

When we practice relax our objective is to “forget” our body, that is, keep it so relaxed and without tensions in such a way that it would be as if it was not there, as if in that moment we should not have a physical body. Besides the benefits for the health that we have already seen, relax will be the first step of the techniques we will learn for the astral projection and for the meditation.

Because of this, start now to practice the relax technique that we‘ll give below in order to become accustomed.
If it is possible practice at least one time a day at the best suitable occasion.
The more you practice, the better will be.

The technique we will learn in order to do relax is very simple at efficient at the same time, and we call it “The blue light technique”.
In order to practice it we will use our combined concentration and imagination, in the way it is described below:

First we should lay down in a comfortable position in a way that we need no more to move, choosing a silent, quiet and well ventilated place. Normally the sleeping room is the best.

Now we close the eyes, concentrate and start to imagine, that is, visualize with the mind, all our body that is laid down, from the feet to the head, in the best way that we can.

After we’ll start to imagine a heavenly light filling our body, starting in the toes, filling the whole foot, the ankle, the calves and so on till the top of the head. Don’t imagine only this light only coating your body, but better imagine that it fills all your body as if it was void.
Don’t imagine only this light only coating your body, but better imagine that it fills all your body as if it was void.

Make the previous step without hurry and imagining in the best possible way this whole process, feeling the relax of each muscle where the blue light passes through.

At the end of the practice the body will be totally taken by the blue light, as well totally relaxed. If you feel necessary repeat all steps one more time.

You may have some difficulty to concentrate and keep the image in the mind. This is reflex of our lack of control over ourselves, in this case over the intellectual center.
But with practice this will be enhanced and, besides, in the course we’ll have a lesson that will deal exclusively on the theme of concentration and how to develop it.


~Love, Light, Blessings~

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