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It's All Relative

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It's All Relative Empty It's All Relative

Post by Guest March 10th 2013, 8:04 am

Another good post from Sanaya.In a way it answers Joan about what is consciousness.I hope you all enjoy it.

Are there evil spirits? So many of you believe this is so. Let us start with the basics. Spirit is all that is, and All That Is is pure energy … “Light” as you would know it. This energy expresses Itself in waveforms which you would recognize and quantify as frequencies. You, as an individual, have your own energetic signature – a frequency that distinguishes you from other waveforms. Your frequency is built from the lifetime of thoughts and actions you have created by the use of your mind—your consciousness.

Each unit of consciousness—each light-being—has a frequency that is felt and distinguished relative to each other, but all is Spirit. Those of a higher vibration feel more pleasant than those of a lower vibration to the individual. It is all relative. If one unit already vibrates quite low, then another of an equally low vibration would not see the other as evil at all.

If you are vibrating at a very high rate due to thoughts and actions replete with love, then those units of consciousness which vibrate far, far lower than yours would be felt as a bit of a shock and quite disharmonious. You may label this as "an evil spirit." If you create fear with your own thoughts, you may very well project this as something outside of yourself. This, some of you may label “evil” and give it an identity as “an evil spirit.” There is no such thing, for all is consciousness and all is relative.

Your beliefs create your reality. If you believe in evil spirits as a distinct thing, and allow this energy to manifest as fear within your light body, then you instantly lower your own vibration. If you do not allow fear to enter your field of light, then so-called “evil spirits” will not exist to you as something that can harm you. Your only experience will be that of love and a loving universe in which some vibrate higher than others.

Vibrate so very high through your belief only in the One True Power—that of Love—and relatively speaking, you will experience only Love.
Posted by Suzanne Giesemann at 7:08 AM

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It's All Relative Empty Re: It's All Relative

Post by Aussiepom March 10th 2013, 8:36 am

Hope you don't mind,Stephen but I copied this link. It is interesting all ways.

So really we should keep our thoughts happy and light and full of goodness.

No bad thoughts full of anger and depression.

That makes a lot of sense.

I tend to think of consciousness as 'we are conscious of something around us' or 'we haven't noticed such and such because we haven't been conscious of it'. Embarassed


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It's All Relative Empty Re: It's All Relative

Post by Guest March 10th 2013, 10:35 am

Sounds good to me Joan.

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It's All Relative Empty Re: It's All Relative

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