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Psychic Rendevous Weekend

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Psychic Rendevous Weekend Empty Psychic Rendevous Weekend

Post by shortangel March 11th 2013, 5:23 pm

Just thought I would let you know about the wonderful weekend I have just had, my Husband took me and then took the dog home, this was my weekend, lol.
Came home yesterday from a fabulous weekend at Stoke on Trent, very tired but happy.

Friday was Stephen Holbrook, a very entertaining medium, he is full of fun and very accurate, he tells me he is near here next month so I'm going to try and see him again. Then a Ghost Walk in the old part of the building where there was a lot of activity, I went to bed after one am.

Saturday, Ralph Keeton did a medium session, he wears me out he never keeps still, but is wonderful, to watch and listen to, then Debbie Dean who is a Psychic artist did a demonstration, she gave a short reading then did a drawing of the person in spirit. Another very interesting accurate session, she did about five readings in an hour.

Then it was the turn of our wonderful Derek Acorah AND I HAD A READING! from my Dad, which was funny in places, he told me "To get the back door checked as it isn't right" and Dad kept saying, "You paid good money for that." LOL. Which is exactly what he would of said. Derek also asked if I had trouble with my Knees which I have I was advised to go to the Spiritual Healer Quintin Smith aka Dr David Jones,

Went on the Ghost Walk again with yet more activity similar to the night before, but not the same. bed at 12.30am, didn't get to sleep until around 3am.

Sunday I made and appointment to see Quintin, he had been sat with me on the Ghost Walk the night before, lovely quiet shy man, but obviously very Psychic with the stuff he was picking up.

When I went to see Dr Jones, he talks with a very gruff voice in a totally different way to Quintin. I had my joints and my chest worked on, when he had finished he asked mw to give my legs and M O T, lol. I still feel wonderful, what a fabulous experience.

The last session on Sunday was one with Ralph on developing Mediumistic abilities, very interesting and all too short an hour, he explained a lot of things that I hadn't realised.

So after a very full tiring weekend Alan picked me up and home I came, although I'm still tired I'm on a brilliant high.


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Psychic Rendevous Weekend Empty Re: Psychic Rendevous Weekend

Post by Aussiepom March 12th 2013, 7:44 am

My envy is showing,June....great weekend... Wave

I'm so pleased you enjoyed it..... Thumb

Joan xx

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