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Challenging day

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Challenging day Empty Challenging day

Post by ATouchofHeart April 9th 2013, 12:47 am

Challenging day.

First....woke up and tripped over an electrical cord.
Received a 5" deep cut on my left side getting dressed. LOL don't ask how.
Putting my plants in the window for sun as I'd running out the door; I spill water all over my electrical cords. Dry off and leave for work.
Get to work and within a few hours we have 65-80mph winds that slam open the heavy steel dbl doors around the corner of my office that leads outside. Luckily my office doors were closed due to privacy while doing payroll. But the next office lost ceiling tiles on one end. If my office had been opened up would have experienced the same.

And it is a Mercury Retrograde period.

I'm known at work for having an Alien computer.
I'm always having to call the IT dept to get them to help fix a problem.

Last Thurs my excel went on the blink.
One gal in IT said the Mapping in my computer was all messed up........how does that happen? All I do is work.
Prior she had to fix things again because the computer kept making duplicate desktops and stashing them somewhere else. About 8 - 10.

After her fixing my Excel files and some other things to clean it up it worked fine Friday.
But today payroll day....and me all by myself due to office partner going on 3rd shift for 2 weeks to train someone......my Outlook was not working right either. I'd send an email and no one would reply because they never got one of the 30 emails I had to send out.
Took me from 7am - Noon to finish entering a Monday routine that has to go into our payroll system prior to me doing payroll.
Then my boss emails me....(I can receive email OK) "ARE YOU WORKING TODAY" ???
I reply....... Of course I am when have I taken a day off (only 3 days in 2 years). If I was going to take off I surly let you know Wink
She normally comes in at 9a but for a while she's coming in at 2pm. It's 1:30 pm and she's asking me this.
She comes in and opens my closed door and says "Whooh" I thought you called off. You didn't email me all day. She was afraid she was going to have to do the payroll when she came in.
LOL I said "Yes I did at least 10 times to keep you up on things" Like I always do.
I normally run the entire office solo.

Crazy day.
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Challenging day Empty Re: Challenging day

Post by Aussiepom April 9th 2013, 7:25 am

Oh dear Deb! I do feel for you.....why does that bring memories back to me?

Computer problems? Says it all.

Many years ago I was employed as a Punch card operator.....back in the 1960's.

Prerunner to computers. The engineer was never out of the office... Duh

Complaints were 'cards not running through machine smoothly'.
'Sticky keys on keyboard'. They were rubber topped.

The complaints were numerous. Poor old engineer used to go home exhausted.

My worst nightmare was when computers finally came in. I used to calculate the W.I.P figure for the end of the year,then balancing it off the comp.amount.
It was always in the millions. One year,no millions! Just thousands of pounds.
I ran into the programmers room shouting 'I've lost my millions' Instant silence! I was offered more invitations that day to have dinner out with the selected programmer........ Rolling Eyes
It was a computer error caused by lack of area space to include the millions of pounds.

Joan .... lol!

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