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Mercury Squares Pluto: The Universe Pulls Out the “Change” Cards

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Mercury Squares Pluto: The Universe Pulls Out the “Change” Cards Empty Mercury Squares Pluto: The Universe Pulls Out the “Change” Cards

Post by mia April 21st 2013, 1:19 pm

Mercury Squares Pluto: The Universe Pulls Out the “Change” Cards

As quickly as two bombs went off on a downtown Boston street, as fast as a 100-foot fireball lighted the sky of West, Texas, as rapidly as boulders rolled down a mountainside in western China—that’s how quickly we’ve gone from a sky dominated by explosive fire to one defined by the very different energies of earth and water.

Over the last two days, the Sun and Mars have joined Venus in the ancient earth sign of Taurus. Luna has moved into Virgo. Pluto concluded the first week of his five-month retrograde, which began in the degree from which he will make the third of his seven world-changing squares with Uranus in just one month, on May 21.

Eight planets all together are now in earth and water signs. Carrying yin power into our consciousness, these are inwardly focused energies, working beneath the surface to sustain and protect us. The combination of deeply felt emotions and heightened sensory awareness can tie us deeply to the world as it is.

Yet this week-end underscores the underlying energetic news of this week—change is coming to the world as we it is. It’s change that is deep, powerful, and inexorable. Yesterday, Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, moved into the same degree of the sky as Uranus. In this final spark of fire, in a sky whose energies were shifting from fire to earth, an earthquake in western China killed 175 people and injured thousands more.
Pluto on a Vision Quest: Transforming the Structures of Our Reality

Today, the Messenger challenges Pluto. The great transformer of life is almost motionless, moving slowly through the degree from which he’ll square Uranus in four more weeks. The first, dramatic week of his retrograde vision quest is where his energies are focused, looking for power that is trapped in the world around us and also in the worlds we carry within us.

In Capricorn, this power is trapped the structures that give order to our world–our “common sense,” our authorities, our institutions. Across the world, from Iraq to Syria to the U.S., Pluto moves with devastating deliberateness through the depths of our institutions–corporations, media, universities–our experience, and our “common sense.” Almost imperceptibly, beneath the surfaces of events he seeks out what needs to be released and what is capable of being regenerated. When Pluto is activated, there is always more going on than is apparent on the surface–and it is there, at the invisible levels, that the greatest power lies.

This is the first, crucial phase of a great process of regeneration that is taking place within us and around us. As always with Pluto, it’s occurring far beneath the surface. Beneath the news reports, an old world is dying and a new one struggles to be born. It’s happening all around us. And it’s happening deep within us. And over the next month, this process will intensify.
Three Eclipses and Uranus-Pluto Square #3: The Universe Plays the “Change” Cards 75179215

Mercury’s week-end meetings with Uranus and Pluto foreshadow the month ahead—three eclipses and the third of Uranus’ and Pluto’s seven world-changing squares. After the drenching of March and the firestorms of April, we head into a month of clearing, releasing, and completion after the firestorms of April and the drenching of March. Many things will end as the following events unfold:

Lunar eclipse in Scorpio, on May 25
Solar eclipse in Taurus on May 9
Third Uranus-Pluto square on May 21
A third lunar eclipse, in Sagittarius, on May 25

In the four weeks just ahead, the Universe is playing its “dramatic change” cards. Eclipses are traditional harbingers of sudden and irrevocable change. Uranus and Pluto are titanic forces, and their contacts reshape the shared reality we call “the world.”

These two mighty forces make contact every few decades, normally on three occasions each time. Not since the late 1496-1500 have Uranus and Pluto challenged each other seven times. Columbus had just landed in North America as those seven squares began. By the time they ended, the Portugese had also landed in Brazil and India. A whole new world had opened to human consciousness.

A whole new world awaits exploration now as well. To see it, we must release what is outworn and lifeless from our consciousness. We must learn to recognize the difference between what is life-sustaining and what is not. We must learn to trust our intuitive sense that something isn’t right. We must learn to look beneath the surface and focus on the power that is in the roots, making its way to the surface. We must learn to align with the root power carried by Pluto and the sky power carried by Uranus. When we do, our lives and our world will move with us out of the undead and into life.


Mercury Squares Pluto: The Universe Pulls Out the “Change” Cards Behappybeloved

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Mercury Squares Pluto: The Universe Pulls Out the “Change” Cards Empty Re: Mercury Squares Pluto: The Universe Pulls Out the “Change” Cards

Post by Aussiepom April 21st 2013, 3:53 pm

So many changes,Mia. Be interesting to see what happens throughout the year.

Joan x

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