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Twitchy Third Eye?

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Twitchy Third Eye? Empty Twitchy Third Eye?

Post by SoFlo August 17th 2013, 11:35 pm

Off and on for more than several months the spot for the third eye chakra, directly in between my eyebrows gets very twitchy. It starts and stops for no particular rhyme or reason that i can decipher. But it's very intense while its happening. I'm not very good at meditation these days, and sitting still pretty much puts me to sleep. Ive got a few crystals I will put by the bed from time to time to see if dreams reveal anything, so far, nothing. I have been keeping track of dreams, that also hasn't led anywhere so far. Just curious as to some suggestions on things to try, books to read, etc.

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Twitchy Third Eye? Empty Re: Twitchy Third Eye?

Post by laura ann August 18th 2013, 10:41 am

Use your thumb and gently rotate it in circles around your third eye.

massage it a little every day.
 (am assuming you don't have visions at this time )
stop trying  so hard to make things happen and  give them permission to just  happen.
get a bandana and a crystal

go outside and fold it like your gonna make a headband out of it.

slip the crystal in the little pocket you  made and tie it around head adjust it till crystal is resting on forehead at third eye.
do this when meditate.
also go outside and sit in silence..close eyes and just listen.
feel the air around you, hear the birds, hear a car whiz by, recognize and isolate each sound then  move mind on to next one.

eventually you will see and hear amazing things...and try to not get frustrated...some never get it ,, some it  takes many many years.

then study the subject MUDRAS and the subject CHAKRAS

start all things with Love and end them with Love
laura ann
laura ann

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