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Psychic archeology

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Psychic archeology Empty Psychic archeology

Post by skfarblum on August 31st 2013, 11:53 am

This just a short introduction to psychic archeology.If you want to learn  more please just do an internet search.

Psychic archeology
 is mainly a collection of the major activities that involve the use of paranormal phenomena to solve problems that arise in the world of archeology. Most of the practitioners in this field make good use of several methods which range from modern to traditional but they all prove to be effective in accomplishing whatever mission embarked on. In this practice, there are archaeologists involved in these psychics who purely deal with fieldwork and others carry out remote viewing depending on one's area of specialization. All in all, they have posted successful results and their work remains to be an important point of reference in modern archaeological practices to date. 

This type of archeology uses extrasensory perceptions in the process of locating the major sites for digs or come up with contextual descriptions of artifacts. These archaeological activities are very much significant in several ways depending on the type of archeology used. There are those which are cost effective and time saving while others are more detailed to offer adequate information thus it will all depend on the right one that a person chooses for his or her own purposes. Some other techniques like automatic writing are usually more suitable and preferred by many people because they utilize labor wisely so as to achieve maximum benefits.

Apart from that, there are many other methods used in this archeology and whose effectiveness is beyond doubt. These additional methods include dowsing which is flexible since it appears in different forms, channeling, precognitive dreaming and psychometry all of which can be used in different archaeological tasks. Their contribution to this field can also never be overlooked and will always come in handy when such needs arise therefore it is upon practitioners to choose the most suitable methods for satisfying their psychics needs.

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Psychic archeology Empty Re: Psychic archeology

Post by Aussiepom on September 1st 2013, 7:17 am

I can understand dowsing being used,Stephen but to use Psychic methods is a very good idea.   Imagine collecting information from those who lived in those far away times or from the Artifacts themselves.

Remote viewing is also very good..... I have seen that in action...
Keep going,Stephen,anything else you discover would be great.
Off to have a look on the net!

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