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8th chakra

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8th chakra Empty 8th chakra

Post by alqua September 17th 2014, 2:36 pm

Hi everybody!

I have big problem with higher chakras and I would be very grateful if somebody could help me.
English is not my native language so there mayde is some errors, but i hope you understand enough.
The story goes like this:
A few years ago i I started Sahaja yoga my own. I had the experiences what were very rare by the yoga guru's opinion but mayde I tell of them later.
When I had some time yoged Yoga always end oppressive dark moment and then i had to stop. The last time when I yoged it end dark moment again and then i opened my eyes and started to get up. Then like electric shock hit from my head to coccyx. I have never felt nothing so bad and first thouht was now I die. In coccyx I felt electronic energy what started to grow and it moved along body to my shoulders, legs etc... It took more than 15 minutes before it stop. Next day everwhere was more light and I my body felt very light and it was very easy to move. That day I also saw on one person the powerful aura. Then I decided this is too weird for me.

Now couple years after I started activate my seven body chakras only focusing where they are and grounding of course. First it felt nice feel energy and how it moved and I felt better. Then I tried to activate 8th chakra above my head. Couple of times I saw light and there was nice feelings how energy flowed in my body. Once that light moved dark and it was like dark sack was falled slowly on me. My heart began to hit harder and I felt scared and distressing. Then I opened my eyes but first I couldn't see proberly. It was like to be out of control but about after 15 minutes feeling eased. I tried after couple of days activate 8th chakra again but now darknes surrounded me immediately and again was very difficult get rid of it. Now if I only think my 7th chakra I started to feel anxiety in my heart.

Now can someone explain the events and tell what i can do?

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8th chakra Empty Re: 8th chakra

Post by laura ann February 5th 2015, 3:25 pm

alqua... the trick is to just relax and push through your fear
between each layer of ascension is a layer of void.
void of  light., feeling, etc

pinch your pants or skirt  into accordion type folds.
now look at it like each upper fold is a chakra
and between each fold is a valley aka the void.
 you step from one chakra to the next and the higher you get the deeper the void.

there is nothing to fear as no matter how high you mentally ascend your tethered by the  spiritual cord or tether. You cant get lost or disappear or not get back...

next time relax... and when the fear appears  acknowledge it and then set it aside then focus on the dark void>>>>> now mentally  push yourself forward or upward.(depends on how you look at it )

if you don't push through  don't fret.
next time do it again and continue till you push to the next  chakra/realm/layer/

there is nothing to fear but fear itself... do not let it shackle you from your goals

I hope that helps you a little

start all things with Love and end them with Love
laura ann
laura ann

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