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Past injuries showing in Now time

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Past injuries showing in  Now time Empty Re: Past injuries showing in Now time

Post by Spirit-Being August 11th 2015, 11:23 pm

Hey Laura ann i too have had similar insights about what you speak of. I feel your on to something that only being open minded and aware of details that are right before us. But only if we open our minds and eyes to sense and see them. I have a birthmark on top of my head and i feel this is something much more than that. I do believe that past live experiences actually do show signs in this life as well. I have felt for as long as i started to become spiritually minded soul that my perception of life has expanded and i began seeing different things i never saw before. I am very glad to have read your experience, it has helped me to understand how long ive been away and how closed off from my soul i actually have been. Very Inspiring.

Thanks LA Good Post

Past injuries showing in  Now time Asymbo10

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