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Shattered Glass

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Shattered Glass Empty SHATTERED GLASS

Post by Spirit-Being on May 20th 2020, 9:15 pm

That is such a Beautiful poem Laura. Thanks so much for sharing this. When I read poems I get a whole story from them, with so few words it speaks many lifetimes. The journey of the soul/spirit/consciousness. It feels like the words in the poem tell a story about the evolution of the soul as each incarnation the glass shards is symbolic in that each Incarnate we leave a piece behind for other Incarnates to collect as we collect shards from other Incarnates. We leave shards and collect shards. Words cannot describe with any true understanding of the souls evolution as it ebbs and flows through Incarnation to Incarnation. The moral of the poem that I received was "Old Souls" Again please understand that this is just what I understood it to be through my experiences so I'm sure others will have different views on what they understand this Wonderful Poem to be.

Many Blessings

Shattered Glass Asymbo10

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Shattered Glass Empty Re: Shattered Glass

Post by skfarblums on May 21st 2020, 11:24 pm

A beautiful poem.

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