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Post by AuroraAngelicAscension April 16th 2009, 10:59 am

What experiences have you had with angels?

I've quite a few, some pretty major and others just little signs they are around. Im always finding white feathers and favourite songs playing on the radio. I've even experienced the angels taking me back to a past life of mine. I've seen Archangel Gabriel whom works with me, and seen a lovely blue angel, Michael (My guardian angel) not the Archangel, float across my bed.

How do these angelic beings shine in your life?

Aurora Brierley

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Your Experiences Empty Re: Your Experiences

Post by Spirit-Being April 16th 2009, 6:00 pm

I have had some experiences with angels although my awareness as of late has some what lessened worldly things have affected me in a negative way. Am hoping during may the month i fast from all Meats and addictions, i will become much more patient loving and more aware of Angels and the divine. With that said one experience i have had recently... I left my house on my way to work on my mountain bike, as i was riding i felt very protected it felt as if i was surrounded by a luminous light like a force field of holy energy, i felt angels on each side of me as i sped down the road. I hope these angels know that i love them and that i am grateful for their presence in my life. I would like to ask that they make themselves known to me more often, as i am not as open as i once was. Angels wonderful and loving Spiritual Beings work in our lives all the time we just need to take the time to be aware of their presence, which is what i must do. Please i would really love to read more Angel experiences it may be exactly what i need... Bless you all.....

Just thought i would add a song just came on that fit perfectly i think the Angels are trying to tell me something.

Nothing is coincidence for me everything happens for a reason.

Thank You so much AuroraAngelicAscension for getting the ball rolling so to speak.