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amazing from aol news

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amazing from aol news Empty amazing from aol news

Post by Wind-Dancer on August 1st 2009, 11:44 am

(July 31) - A six-year-old British boy has surprised and delighted his parents and local arts lovers with his lush watercolor paintings that capture scenic landscapes with the skill of someone many times his age.
Kieron Williamson began drawing when he was five after getting inspiration from harbor scenes and boats while his family was on vacation.Inspired by the scenery of a family vacation, Kieron Williamson of Britain first picked up a paint brush at the age of five. Now, just short of his 7th birthday, the boy's atmospheric watercolors are praised by art experts as works well beyond his years.


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Post by Spirit-Being on August 2nd 2009, 2:13 pm

A Child Prodigy basically is a person who is a master of one or more abilities or arts at a very small age.

A prodigy is an individual who around the age of 12, shows specialist ability or a deep grasp of the basics in a stream generally only undertaken by adults.

His art work is very detailed and structured, i myself can draw stick figures pretty well but cannot come close to this boy's artistic creations.

This post reminds me of the Indigo Child or Old Souls.

Indigo personalities are deeply sensitive individuals connected to their inner self with a life long search for higher truth and consciousness. They experience life through their inner feelings, inner knowledge and intuition like the other color personalities. Indigos want everyone to be in harmony as they are very sensitive to psychic and emotional energy of others.


Someone with an old soul is someone that has lived much, experienced so many things, and learned so much, he/she is not immature in life, has a deep innate understanding of things and usually a well developed character. This goes into the idea that we have lived many lifetimes and experienced many lessons from those lifetimes. A young soul would be someone that has not lived so many lifetimes and thus has not learned and developed as much.


Could he be an Indigo Child or an Old Soul?

Many Blessings

amazing from aol news Asymbo10

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