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Morgan Honors Kymball Duffy

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Morgan Honors Kymball Duffy Empty Morgan Honors Kymball Duffy

Post by Spirit-Being October 7th 2009, 1:41 pm

I was sent this story in an email from my girlfriend, and found it truly inspiring. Sometimes we can do the most amazing things when we listen to our intuition/inner guidance.

Arkansas high school football star Thamail Morgan made headlines across the country for a play that showed class and leadership. So what did Thamail Morgan do? The Cave City star appeared to be close to running a kickoff return for a touchdown against Yellville-Summit. As Morgan strolled in for a sure touchdown, he stopped just before crossing the goal line and retreated back to the 5-yard line where he took a knee.

So why did Thamail Morgan, considered a top-flight college prospect, give up a touchdown? He did out of respect for Yellville-Summit, who had lost one of their players in a car accident. On September 11, Kymball Duffy drove four of his teammates to a pregame meal. The truck crashed, killing Duffy and injuring his teammates. One of the players remains in hospital.

Yellville-Summit's first game after the Kymball Duffy tragedy was against Thamail Morgan's Cave City team. Cave City dominated throughout the game, racking up a healthy 34-16 lead. Instead of padding the score and his own stats (which are always important to get the attention of college scouts), Thamail Morgan decided to take a knee at the five-yard out of respect for Yellville-Summit's loss.

Thamail Mrogan has a bit of shaky past. Morgan transferred from Newport High School after being kicked off the football for undisclosed reasons. Judging by his actions at Cave City's game against Yellville-Summit, it seems that Morgan has learned his lesson.

Many Blessings

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Post by WhiteShaman October 7th 2009, 3:56 pm


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