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Post by myles November 29th 2009, 5:52 am

Yes, you really should! I bet you thought this was going to be an article about being “glad” about something else besides our Creator. Well you’re wrong, it is really about Our Lord.
So many people forget to thank him for our very existence. Do you thank him for being able to pay the rent this month? Do you thank him for the holidays or the car you drive? Maybe you thank him only for the big things and forget the millions of little things He provides for you and your family.
Suppose you landed on a planet of people that had the mentality of cavemen, you fell in love with these people and felt sorry for them. After years living among them, showing them the benefits of loving their neighbour and existing in perfect harmony with nature. you left and came back to Earth!
Several years later you decided to check back on them. Unfortunately they had turned into a planet full of hatred. The tools you had taught them to make, were now used to kill each other – and they didn’t just kill, they even tortured and mutilated their little children.
Would you feel like you had failed? Would you want to wipe this entire race of people out, or seek only the “good “ ones and start all over again?
Most of us would - but I’m glad we’re not God. It’s only because of his love and infinite mercy that our world continues to turn on it’s axis. We have destroyed the planet, our bodies and our minds.
But are we lost? Certainly not . God is not going to wipe us out yet – he only wants us to feel sorry about what we have done, bow our heads and just tell him that we love him – and be saved!
The problem is --
… People make God out to be a fairy tale. They forget the blue sky didn’t just appear one day. They forget the green grass they are walking on isn’t there because a farmer planted some grass seed. How did the grass seed come into existence anyway?
What magnificent ability can cause genes, chromosomes and DNA to perfectly form to create a new baby that grows up to be a men or woman? If science is the answer, then how come a scientist cannot produce life without the basic elements like genes, chromosomes and DNA??
If you have ever seen the film “The Miracle of Life” it starts out showing how the sperm enters the egg and immediately begins to form a living human being. Can you even begin to understand how the sperm knows exactly where to go? It doesn’t have a brain! And how does a new born animal know to find food from it’s mother’s milk – no one has taught it this. It knows this only by instinct, but who programmed that instinct?

How do trees provide oxygen? How do bees know what flowers to go to in order to produce honey. How does your heart know how to beat at the precise timing to allow blood to flow properly through your body. How does your brain know how to store information? The questions could go on and on. Doesn’t it seem logical that there HAS to be a force behind all these. These things didn’t just happen for no reason whatsoever. You can’t take nothing and expect it to form something over a period of years. Nothing produces nothing.
We are all created by the Creator with an intelligence we could never conceive and with the brain capacity we possess. And our Creator made it very easy for us to learn all about him. In these days of grace that we all live in – all we have to do is love him with all our hearts and souls and mind. Even people that worship the sun and stars and even Satan adhere to certain rituals. They will go to extremes to learn certain words to recite or practice to carry out regulations set up by the elders. But our Creator doesn’t ask for all this nonsense. He gives us a free will – all he asks for is love.
Don’t allow religion and crazy ideas destroy your chance to make our true Creator a part of your life. Let him be the driver for a while and you can learn to be a passenger. Believe me He can see ahead a lot better than you can!

[ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This piece came to me originally as a simply copied page being handed to passers-by at Charing Cross station way back in the 1980’s. I’ve Googled without success for the originator but to no avail so I pass it on now with thanks to the author for the pleasure it must have given to so many. MGS]

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Post by Vanilla2 November 29th 2009, 6:02 am

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.
-- Meister Eckhardt

Great post Myles Welcome

  Peace  Calm and  Tranquility

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Post by A Darth Vader November 29th 2009, 5:01 pm

Life and it's destiny is beautiful, if only this is made as precept with our deeds we understand how to truly be.
A Darth Vader--

As for me, I'd rather go and limit myself of any single favor I may have in exchange of loving my own God, God of heaven - God of clarity in understanding because God may never be defeated it's to me that his favor is what I most want that I notice I am but a particle of dust to his greatness and highness, so yes, I care more for God than for myself because He stands me and I begin a new colorful life because of submission to the Holy Spirit of God, let me be this way because it eases me by debunking all selfish mode that may expire to settle in seed of great expectations in hope of my entire life and my entire being, this settles me into having a heart consumed in mercy's fire because I follow the role of greater good that God caused a stir in me and I don't like to put that aside and I need to be quenched by it's comforting favor.

Friend Emmanuel says -
Good for that guy for having been so active to sponsor his own word, he sure was wanting to be heard and people like you do not hesitate to reason it. What I see here is a very scrutinized topic in which people begin to question their disbelief in a higher God but only those who approach their question in a tone of respect and favor shall understand the answer. And as for you, forget about it and move to something greater like exploring a great outdoor and lunch with it nicely. Goodbye.


As rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God so I may to be strongly nice being so.
A Darth Vader
A Darth Vader

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Post by canadianmind November 30th 2009, 9:47 am

Very good article.

Alot has changed since the 80s. Some for the better, but on the other hand, there is some that has stayed the same or have gotten worse.

Even if you erase the anthropimorphized god out of that article, people seem to take their lives for granted. They dont appreciate the fact we hare alive, we have health, and family, food. And in many ways we are better off now then we were 50 years ago. Even if its not "god" you belive in, people truely need to be thankful for what they have, and respect the fact that not everyone has the same luxuries, or goals and things that are as easily attainable as you.

We dont appreciate the fact that the earth in in essance a living being, and we are supposed to cherish it and its pleasures, and tresures. Most people care too much about how much money they make, or how big their house is, or that there god is better then my god, their religion is better then mine, they have to get to the next level in their game, how much booze they can drink before getting sick, how much women they can sleep with in a week, how much power they can attain over people in a life time. The list goes on and on.

If people focused on what we have already, and not what we "want" or in lots of cases "need", people would be more thankful. Even a simple thanks before you eat, or planting trees, heping out an elderly neigbor, spreading good news and information, living life to the fullest, basicaly being grateful for life is in my opinion one of the best ways to be thankful.

Great post!!!

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